Dual Fuel Sustainability

Buy New, Repower, or Convert? Learn benefits and costs to each!



  • Fuel cost savings
  • Significantly reduced emissions, in both diesel and gas modes
  • Fully rated horsepower
  • Retrofit system – expands capability and adds value to your present investment
  • Lower maintenance costs & improved longevity due to cleaner fuel
  • Retains diesel-only versatility

Sustainability For Your Company

At Engenious Engineering, we understand that your company’s commitment to sustainability can require financial investments. 

EE’s engine conversions are sustainable, require no down time in productivity, and above all — affordable. For many companies running diesel-only engines, moving to cleaner fuels is a nice thought, yet an expensive reality…until now. The cost of a new engine is a lofty expense including the actual purchase, training, and modifications. EE’s conversions utilize your current engine, minimizing additional training and allowing usage of  lower-priced alternative fuels. Alongside significantly lower emissions, you can also expect a longer lifespan of your engine.  

Sustainability For The Environment

Moving to alternative fuels is a widely accepted way for companies to “go green”– especially for those relying on diesel. Despite decades of improvement to energy efficiency and emissions on diesel-only engines, their emissions are still dangerous, being responsible for over half of NOx and PM2.5 emissions. By converting a diesel-only engine to dual fuel, your company is committing to the top two most effective ways of waste reduction: reducing and reusing. With fuel flexibility, dependency on diesel is reduced, decreasing harmful emissions and saving on fuel costs. Since EE’s conversions reuse your current engine, thousands of pounds of resources, including steel, iron ore, and water, are saved from being used to create a new engine. A converted engine also prevents thousands of pounds of harmful by products from being released into the atmosphere, such as CO2 and NOx. 

Refurb vs Buying New Engine

*Power generation application of 645 EMD dual-fuel. Assumes 5,000 hours per year.

Resources Used During Construction of New Engine

Steel (lbs)

Coal (lbs)

Iron Ore (lbs)

Emitted CO2 (lbs)

Water (Gal)

Resources Used During Retrofit of Engine

Steel (lbs)

Coal (lbs)

Iron Ore (lbs)

Emitted CO2 (lbs)

Water (Gal)
refurbished engine sustainability
NOx savings

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