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Engenious™ Engineering

Engenious™ Engineering began as Energy Conversions Incorporated (ECI) in 1986. In 2018, ECI was absorbed by Peaker Services, Inc. to add dual-fuel conversions to the remanufacturing and retrofitting work. ECI was changed to Engenious™ Engineering (EE) in 2018.

EE designs and manufactures natural gas and dual-fuel (or bi-fuel) systems for High Horsepower diesel engines common to power generators, offshore drilling, marine propulsion, locomotives, mining, and other industries.

Engenious™ Engineering was the first to commercially demonstrate a natural gas powered locomotive with its innovative dual-fuel conversion system. Today, EE continues to develop and implement natural gas systems for power generators, locomotives and various power applications worldwide while researching new avenues of alternative fuel use.

EE has continuously developed its specialty natural gas conversion systems for multiple engines. In addition to its groundbreaking dual fuel system, EE is now offering an 100% natural gas conversion for the EMD two-stroke engine family.

Engenious™ Engineering has also developed single-point and multi-port kits; a simple and effective dual fuel conversion for a wide variety of four stroke diesel engines.


Tacoma, WA, USA

1986 EMD 645 installed in Tacoma Test Cell (now 100% SI natural gas)

Minnesota, USA

Project initiated with Burlington Northern to convert EMD 645 to Dual Fuel

Springville, UT, USA

1995 Springville, Utah converts 20 cylinder EMD 645 to Direct Injection Natural Gas.

U.S. Navy

1995 Navy Converts 16 Cylinder 645 EMD Engine

Houston, TX

1996 Sundowner Oil Rig converts 4 12cyl EMD 645 Diesel Engines to Dual Fuel

Washington, DC

1997 US Department of Energy Office of Industrial Technologies Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Funds Project for Dual Fuel conversion


Independent Caribbean Power Producer Applies Conversion Systems to Two Wartsila 18V32s


Indian Railroad commissions the first of 10 DEMU passenger locomotives for dual fuel.

Montreal, Canada

Canadian National Applies the ECI Dual-Fuel EMD Conversion System to Two SD40-2 Locomotives

Midwest, USA

CAT 3406 Generator Reaching Over 70% Diesel Replacement


Fourth ECI Economizer System Installed on a CAT 3516 Genset


ECI works with their partner to make application of a 100% gas EMD generator set operating on well head gas.

Tacoma, WA, USA

Energy Conversions is acquired by Peaker Services, Inc. and changes name to Engenious™ Engineering.

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