Diesel Gas Solutions

Single-Point, Multi-Point, and Direct Injection

Dual Fuel Engenious Engineering


  • Fuel cost savings
  • Significantly reduced emissions, in both diesel and gas modes
  • Fully rated horsepower
  • Retrofit system – expands capability and adds value to your present investment
  • Lower maintenance costs & improved longevity due to cleaner fuel
  • Retains diesel-only versatility

Alternative Fuel Types

Engenious™ Engineering dual fuel engines can work with a variety of the following alternative fuel types, including fuel-blending gases. 

-Natural Gas (LNG and CNG)
-Digester Gas
-Landfill Gas
-e-Gas (Methane)
-Synthetic Gas (150 BTU)

Why Dual Fuel?

Dual fuel units allow the user the flexibility to run straight diesel or dual-fueled natural gas with diesel, an extremely important consideration for applications with a potentially interrupted gas supply.

Engenious Engineering Dual Fual Chart

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