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Price Comparison For Diesel vs. Natural Gas*

*Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE)
Data acquired from EIA.gov

Dual Fuel Engenious Engineering

Dual Fuel Conversions

Conversions of large diesel engines to dual fuel, including natural gas, methanol, ethanol, diesel, ammonia, and hydrogen.

Low Emission Idle Engenious Engineering

Low Emission Idle (LEI) System

Bank Idling System designed to fit EMD and GE FDL engines to reduce smoke under low load conditions.

100% Spark Ignited Engenious Engineering

100% Gas Spark Ignited Conversion

Conversions of large EMD diesel engines to 100% spark ignited natural gas.

Single Point Injection Engenious Engineering

Single-Point Injection

Fumigated single-point injection kits for dual fuel conversions.

Direct Injection Engenious Engineering

Multi-Port Injection

Port injection, multiple point injection kits for dual fuel conversions.

Direct Injection

Direct Gas Injection

Direct injection kits for gas injection into combustion chamber for engine conversions.


Global Warming Reduction

Natural gas is a great midterm solution with one of the highest hydrogen to carbon ratios when compared with other fuels.


Clean Burning EE System

Dependable, reliable, safe, and equipped with full-power capabilities.

100% Natural Gas Conversion

EPA engine certification to Tier 3 with no exhaust after treatment or EGR.

Benefits of Dual Fuel Conversions

Direct Benefits
  • Fuel cost savings
  • Significantly reduced emissions in dual fuel and gas modes
  • Fully rated horsepower
  • Retrofit system—expands capability and adds value to your present investment
  • Lower maintenance costs & improved engine longevity due to cleaner fuel
  • Retains diesel-only versatility
  • Fuel flexibility reduces costs when fuel prices are volatile
Indirect Benefits
  • Reduces national dependence on foreign oil
  • Environmentally responsible technology
  • Shifts major fuel cost to a more price stable fuel medium
  • Flexibility in storing fuel (i.e. diesel lasts 6-12 months in storage, natural gas lasts 20+ years)

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We’ve Been In Business For Over 50 years

Peaker Services, Inc has been in business over 50 years. After acquiring Energy Conversions in 2018, which opened in 1986, and changing the name to Engenious Engineering, EE has grown into the Peaker family.


Burlington Northern Railroad

Burlington Northern Railroad

Minnesota, USA

Burlington Northern reduces NOx by 63% and CO₂ by 12% after dual fuel conversion.

US Navy Converts 645 EMD Engine

US Navy Converts 645 EMD Engine

Washington DC, USA

United States Navy reduces measured NOx by 77% and particulate matter by 40% after converting to dual fuel on stationary 645 EMD engine. 

Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train

California, USA

100% spark ignited natural gas conversion with over 15 years of proven cost savings.

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